chiropractor-massaging-a-patients-kneeThe method of Chiropractic (Orthopaedic Manual Therapy) is a physical treatment primarily used by physiotherapists, massage therapists, chiropractors, and osteopaths to treat musculoskeletal pain and disability.

Massage technique composition
This method based on clinical reasoning, with very specific therapeutic approaches, including the use of techniques with hands (mobilization & manipulation) and specific therapeutic exercise (medical exercise therapy).
Orthopaedic Manual Therapy also encompasses, and is driven by, the available scientific and clinical evidence and the biopsychosocial framework of each individual patient.
Chiropractic (Manual Therapy) uses a mechanical stimulus to improve the function and the structure of injured cells, causing the healing of the damaged tissue and reduce pain. Manual therapy restores the mechanical function and facilitate this healing process.
Manual therapy includes joint mobilization ,manipulation and traction techniques, to regain normal active joint range of motion, to restore normal passive motions that occur about a joint, to reposition or realign a joint ,to regain a normal distribution of forces and stresses about a joint, or to reduce pain, all of which will collectively improve joint function.
The different types of Manual Therapy used in the treatment of abnormalities of these systems:
• Joints: Mobilization
• Muscles :Massage therapy
Muscle Energy Techniques
• Neural structures: Neural Streching